Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Barnes and Nobles Not so Great Deals

I'm on the B&N mailing list. I receive weekly e-mails with coupons and deals. They all have one thing in common, the deals almost always blow. Take for instance this weeks e-mail:
Subject: "Free B&N eReader -- Plus 6 eBooks on Us!"

Sounds awesome right? I could hardly wait to pick out 6 six books I'd like to read, even if the format was proprietary, hell if the reader turned out to be good I might even buy a couple to support the cause. Upon clicking the links I quickly realize the books for free are pre-selected, and also suck. Ok well not suck, since they are literary masterpieces...but they are all public domain! Here's the list:

little women
last of the mohicans
sense and sensibility
pride and prejudice
pocket dictionary

pocket dictionary?...you're killing me BN. You're coupons are always found wanting. Take a lesson from Borders and start coughing up some 40-50% off anything you want, or an occasional buy two get one free. 10% -20%...buy 4 get 1 or even buy 3 get 1 are not enough to get me in your store.

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