Thursday, August 6, 2009

Barnes and Nobles Not so Great Deals: A Visual Guide

From my previous you know that I'm frustrated by Barnes and Noble's lackluster coupon deals. They're not good. Thought I would share this weeks coupons from the two biggest book selling companies

LAME...might as well have a "pay no sales tax" sale at B&N. Looks like I'll be making a trip to Borders this evening.

40% off anything you friggin want. If it's in the store, you want it? Bring this coupon and Borders will take 40% off. Now that's a coupon


  1. I'm over bookstores in general. It seems like cost keeps going up and they focus more on the cafe in the bookstore than they do the actual books. I can never get out of bookstore for less than $100, so I'm trying to stick to just using the library unless I really fall in love with a book. Then I'll go off a buy it.

  2. I use a lot. It's pretty good if you have a lot of books you don't want to hold onto. I've got a link to it off to the right.