Thursday, September 24, 2009

Book Review: Agents of Light and Darkness (Nightside, #2) by Simon R. Green

Agents of Light and Darkness (Nightside, #2)

I'm a little late in my review of this one. I thought I should go ahead and share my thoughts since my review of the first one left more to be determined. This is the second book in multi-volume series by Simon R. Green. The story once again follows the almost always abstruse John Taylor. The private detective, pseudo psychic hitman gone good guy who is really good at finding things. In the first book you learn John is a former Nightside badass who in his time away from the nightside developed a conscious, and went back into the disturbing scene that is the nightside to help someone in need. This book follows a similar premise, except maybe on a larger scale, since it's the Nightside itself that's really in danger. I liked this book more than the first one, I always try to read at least two books of a series before truly deciding if I like it or not. Mr. Green takes the hyperbole that annoyed me so much from the first book and takes it down a level or two, which is good. He spends less time talking about how wild, crazy and scary his world is and more time developing the characters that so desperately needed expanded upon. This is a short book (as are most of the nightside books) and very enjoyable read. There are a ton of cool and colorful characters. I look forward to seeing how these characters develop through the series. I've purchased the rest of the series through #8 to read at a later day.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009