Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Microsoft to open up the .pst format. Your data will still not be safe.

Microsoft, under the banner of their Open Specification Promise is opening up the infamous Outlook .pst format for developers to implement into their projects. Great.. a whole new generation of software that corrupts its data after a gigabyte or so.

From the site:

"In order to facilitate interoperability and enable customers and vendors to access the data in .pst files on a variety of platforms, we will be releasing documentation for the .pst file format. This will allow developers to read, create, and interoperate with the data in .pst files in server and client scenarios using the programming language and platform of their choice. The technical documentation will detail how the data is stored, along with guidance for accessing that data from other software applications. It also will highlight the structure of the .pst file, provide details like how to navigate the folder hierarchy, and explain how to access the individual data objects and properties."
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  1. This could be a good thing. For one, it will allow third parties to secure the pst files more. That's always been a sore spot for corperations that there is noway to truly encrypt a PST file. Also I"m looking forward to maybe some third party mail clients that can utilize the pst.