Monday, November 2, 2009

Fork Lift Accident destroys vodka

Found via Break, a fork lift accident performs the ultimate sin... Alcohol Abuse.  And by abuse I mean destroys a quarter million dollars in Vodak within a couple seconds.  Lets have a moment of silence for the spirits that were never drank.


Fork Lift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse - Watch more Funny Videos

Oh, and I hope the guy is OK.... or something. whatever.


  1. the personal responsable should be shot.
    oh the horror
    why why couldnt it be cheap beer not the vodka

  2. :( just saw it, forgetting it was video prior to last comment.
    i almost couldnt watch, but I did, i wept as the shelves fell. and screamed when they stood on the pile and without a care for any surviving bottles heartlessly tossed the cases here and there, why? there may be one umbroken bottle od distilled spirit inside. Then it dawned on me. KILL that bastard!!!!!!!!

  3. At least we can take solace in the fact it wasn't whiskey.

  4. Looks like maybe the driver had a little too much of the product. What a tragedy...we can always hope they were packaged well.