Monday, February 22, 2010

Geeks On Fire! Takes on EBook readers: Round 2 - The Samsung E6

This is my second entry into my on going series on Ebook Readers. You can read the first one I did on the Bookeen Opus HERE

Samsung E6

From Geeks On Fire! Collective blog for all things geek

Samsung weighed into the ebook market at CES in 2010. The initial hype looked promising. Due to release early this year. Here is what I found out:

Size: No specific details available other than the screen sizes detailed below.

Display: E101 model has 10-inch screen, and the E6 has 6-inch screen. No backlight, which means long battery life. According to Samsung a 4hr charge will last you 2 weeks...very nice. It uses a stylus pen and has the ability to "write" on the display. Meaning you can take notes, mark up pages, and keep calenders.

Connectivity: A category that is becoming more common in ebook readers. The Samsung readers have Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g for downloading books and newspapers. It also has Bluetooth 2.0.

Format it reads: ePub, PDF, TXT, and even Mp3. They also currently have a deal with google for their out of copyright database. No news yet as to what retail option they will have.

Storage: 2 GB of flash memory.

Cost: $399 for the E6 and $699 for the E101..$399? and $699??!! Samsung has lost their mind. The price for either of these is just dumb.

There really isn't much to say about this one. The price alone is enough to send me running in terror. I also don't like the fact that the storage appears not to be expandable. I'm thinking this will be used to store audiobooks, and 2gb isn't a lot these days. I do like the fact it plays MP3s and has an input option available with the stylus.

Chance of me requesting this reader from The Asian Overlord: NONE unless the price drops to below $300 then it's a possibility.

I found a very similar product with one of my sponsors (imagine that!). This is more in the price range of what I'm looking for. It doesn't support the Lit files, but everything else seems to match up fairly well. The memory is expandable also.


6" JC Planetary E-Book 100 E-Book Reader w/E-Ink Technology & SD Card Slot

Enjoy thousands of books within one handy device with this JC Planetary eBOOK100 6-inch E-Book reader!The JC-eBOOK100 features a 6-inch E-Ink screen with 4-level gray scale that lets you comfortably read electronic books for hours on end without tiring your eyes. It's powered by a Samsung S3C2440 400 MHz processor and includes 1 GB of internal flash memory, but you can add up to 8 GB with Secure Digital or MultiMediaCards!The thin and lightweight design feels like you're reading a thin pamphlet and includes a convenient carrying case that's perfect for travel. The JC-eBOOK100 supports PDF, TXT, JPG, BMP, and FB2 ebook files and even supports MP3 playback! Listen to music with the included stereo earbuds!Order now!

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