Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vacation Report

Back from vacation and thought I would share a little about the trip. We went on a 5 day Carribean cruise with Carnival Cruise lines. We departed from Mobile Alabama of the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship. I'll break down my thoughts on each portion. If you are ever interested in taking a cruise you might find it interesting, otherwise you can bask in my pictures of sunshine and seethe in your jealousy.

Leaving for the trip/Arrival in Mobile:
We flew Delta because we had enough Miles accumulated over the years to get our tickets paid for. Though they weren't really free. Because it was "short notice" (less than 20 days in advance" we had to pay about $70 a piece for them, I also had to pay a $100 fee to transfer miles from my account to my wife's account so we would have enough total miles. We also had to pay for a baggage. We had three suitcases total, that was about $75. The planes were the tiny two row types. Horribly uncomfortable, but the flights weren't long, so no big deal. We spent the night in Mobile and boarded the ship the next morning. The boarding process was a little chaotic, but we were in our room by 1pm.

The first day and a half were "at sea" Basically we spent that time eating, sleeping and exploring the ship. Wednesday we stopped in Cazumel, Mexico and took and excursion ($80 a piece). Our excursion was a the Isla Pasion by Twister. A speed boat ride to a private island where we got free alcohol and small buffet for a few hours of relaxing on the beach. It was great. Most of our pictures are from this one 5 hour event.

This is the speed boat we took the island. It was 20min ride to the lagoon of the island. The boats are designed to do high speed 360 spins, which they did about 10 of before landing. Before getting off the boat were warned not to drink too much on the island cause there would be "more twisting" on our way back to port...they were telling the truth.

Heading home:
We were supposed to go on another excursion in Calica, but my wife got sun poisoning in Cazumel and had a swollen face all day Thursday...so we didn't go. Don't worry she is fine now, but was a doing a good impression of a chubby Inuit for a day or two. We had rough seas for the 24hr trip home. I never got sick, but the inability to walk in a straight line for a whole day did start to get to me. Once we got home it took a day or two for my head to understand the boat was no longer moving.

Had to share this photo. Carnical likes to leave you "towel animals" on your bed after they clean your room. It's a cool thing to do, but this animal made me laugh. it was supposed to be a dinosaur, but it looks more like a monkey mooning me instead.

A few more picture from the trip.
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