Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Geeks On Fire! stops smoking: Chantix Review Day 1

I've been been an on again off again smoker for about 10 years. At one point I had quit for 3 years. I then decided it was a good idea to open a restaurant with absolutely no experience with running a restaurant, or even a business....yeah to say the least I took up that old crutch again. Good news is, the business is doing well, and I'm slowly getting the hang of being a restaurateur. So I'v decided it's time to quit, for good. Now my preferred method is cold turkey. I've done it twice and for extended periods of time, but it's hard...real hard. That was the plan this time, until I talked to my dentist about it.

I told him I was already beginning the mental preparations of quitting. Such as, warning family members, buying a new video game, and making arrangements for a small vacation a couple months into quitting. He then suggested I try Chantix. I politely declined, stating that I seen the annoyingly depressing commercials about how I will die, and leave my family cold and alone, and that Chantix can save me. He then went on to tell me he has had several patients try it and claim it to be the easiest way to quit they ever tried. That he so far had no patients that started taking that did not end up quitting. He also said it gave them some seriously messed up dreams. That sold me. I get an easy way out of smoking and I get F'd-up dreams?...sweet. $150 later and I have a 1 month starter pack.

Originally I planned on taking it in secret then later announce to everyone my superior will-power at quitting cold turkey, but alas I have this blog...and Chantix gives me something write about. So over the course of the next few weeks I will share with you the process of quitting smoking on the latest "quit-smoking" drug.


Nothing of note really. I took the tiny little pill about 10am. I felt that subtle rumble in my lower intestines that we all know and love at about 11am, but I believe that had more to do with the 3 MacDonald's sausage biscuits than Chantix. There was no effect on my need to smoke day 1 (and there isn't supposed to be). After I went to bed last night I did get some weird dreams. Not sure if it was Chantix related or not, I tend to be an active dreamer anyway. I dreamed that people were turning into zombies and only I could prevent them from changing over. My dad was really mad at me because he was turned into a zombie. Not only did I fail to prevent it, but I also kept saving others and not addressing his current need to be returned to normal. My point to him was that he was already dead, there fore it was too late and I had many other people not yet zombies that I could save. It all seemed perfectly logical, and my dad seemed very selfish to not wait his turn. It's not like I knew how to change people after they were zombies, just how to stop them from being zombies in the first place....geez dad what were you thinking??

I'll report some more in a day or two.

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