Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Geeks On Fire! stops smoking: Chantix Quit Day

My quit day was yesterday. I went through the whole day with out a smoke. That's not really a big deal deal since I've managed to do that many times. However, I did notice a slight dull to the craving. I still wanted to smoke, but it was easier to ignore. By the end of the long and stressful day, I did break down and bum a smoke before the evenings end, and was sorely disappointed. I was expecting the head spinning rush that comes from having a smoke after being with out one for so long....didn't happen. The cigarette had little to no impact, and I then truly realized what the Chantix was doing.
So today I don't believe I will bum any smokes, considering I now know what little effect they will have. No wonder the pamphlet in the package says "if you slip and have a smoke it's ok"...yeah those evil bastards know that it would give you no brain is now denying nicotine. Also the dreams have continued and get more and more vivid with each passing day. The moods are still slightly up from the norm as well, but the not have cigarettes has tempered that to say the least.
I don't really have any dreams to share as they have been rather mundane. I've been dreaming about being an electrician, or driving around, or having a zombies, no end of the world, and no mutants. They are however, much clearer and harder to distinguish from reality while having them.

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