Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Review: Tale of the Thunderbolt by EE Knight (Audio Book)

Tale of the Thunderbolt (Vampire Earth)
Tale of the Thunderbolt is the third installment in the VAMPIRE EARTH series. Each book has so far followed the story of David Valentine, post-apocalyptic warrior extraordinaire. In this third volume, Southern Command has sent David on a mission to bring back a secret weapon that lays hidden somewhere on the Haitian side of Hispaniola. David has been undercover for over a year in preparation for this mission, and has done things for the sake of humanity that he dares not speak of.

The David Valentine in Tale of the Thunderbolt is unfortunately a bit different from the one seen in previous novels. He seems more than slightly damaged from the things he’s been through in the past. I always enjoyed the fact that Valentine always did the right thing no matter what the consequences were. There was a charming purity to his ideals that made him a beacon of hope in such a hopeless world. That’s been a little worn away now. He’s definitely a more realistic and complex character due to the changes, but I still miss the old Valentine.

Those who enjoyed the earlier books in the VAMPIRE EARTH series will enjoy this one, too. My only complaint was Valentine's slight attitude change, but ultimately it’s a very minor complaint. The story is still exciting and action-packed. There is a bit more descriptive sex in this one than there was in the previous two, but it’s not overdone. E. E. Knight’s ability to tell an action-filled story remains consistent, and he adds a few more interesting characters to his ever-growing stable.

I listened to Tale of the Thunderbolt on Audio CD published by Brilliance Audio. Once again it was read by Christian Rummel, who again gives an excellent performance and never ceases to amaze with his vocal abilities. Since the story ends on a cliff hanger, I am looking forward to the next installment in the VAMPIRE EARTH series. I want to keep listening to it on CD, but it won't be released until next month (7/15/2010). It's getting hard to resist buying the print version so I can have it sooner!


You can also learn more about EE Knight’s books at the Fantasyliterature EE Knight page

These books also remind me somewhat of the Deathlands series. Though EE Knight is a much better writer. My review of Deathlands is here: Pilgrimage to Hell

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