Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Warmachine: How I Manage to Not Completely Fail at Painting Miniatures

I was shown a demo of Warmachine at this years Gencon (article coming soon!) and fell in love. The game is awesome, and the miniatures are gorgeous. I was sold. $200 later and I have a small army of figures that need to be painted.

It's been a very long time since I done anything with paints, so I have no tools..not even a brush. Another $120 later and I have all my paints and do-dads in a small tool box. I have a table lamp, magnifying glass, and a can of acrylic sealer that do not fit in the box. This is truly starting from scratch. If I were an actual kid rather than a pretend one, the start up costs would be daunting...maybe impossible. You don't everything I bought, but you need most of it. I also didn't get all I wanted either. I wanted one of those lights with the magnifying glass in it already. I also need metal files, a few more paints and a way to carry my figures. Not to mention I still need about $100 in more figures before I can field what is considered a full army.

Ok, enough whining about costs. Let's get to the painting of the miniature. I have a very limited painting experience. I painted a couple figures about 12 years ago. That's it, and those were ugly....very ugly. I am determined to make this experience a little better.

Here is the unpainted model. This is one of a set of five "Winter Guards" of the Khador Army.

I began by using a base coat of Battlefield Grey in P3 brand paints. P3 is the paint supplied by Privateer Press, the maker of the game these figures are for. They're supposed to be good, and they were reasonably priced. 

I then moved to painting some of the other colors and details. I was not being very careful with lines. I just wanted to get good coverage on everything and then I would clean it up later.

Nearly done. Facial paint on. I did a black wash over the body, which added some shadow. A few more mistakes corrected.

More finishing touches. Added grass and a couple rocks. Then finished with a coat of Acrylic Sealer, which I sprayed into a container then painted on.

Well that was figure #1 of many. Not too shabby for what is essentially my first real attempt at painting a miniature. As I get better and I acquire some more interesting figures, I will post them up for your viewing pleasure. I'll also make sure to share my thoughts on learning to play the game. 

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