Sunday, June 30, 2013

Been Awhile and Then Some- My State of the Blog Address 2013

More poor blog. I neglect it so. I will be the attentive blogger for a few weeks, teasing a faithful relationship....then wooosh! I'm gone. I don't mean to be that way, but unfortunately my fluctuating desire to share coupled with a lack of content I deem worthy seem to arrive simultaneously, but that doesn't matter now, I'm back baby!....again!. Maybe for a long time...possibly for a few weeks. I'm not sure. I do have some things to share, so I see potential for a lot of content. I'll even have a couple book reviews up here soon.

The content I provide will shift a bit. I've dialed back some hobbies, like reading Fantasy and have replaced them with others, such as fatherhood and work. I've started a new business of growing Elm Oyster mushrooms, and I'll be sharing my trials an tribulations of that as it teases me with impending financial Armageddon. The mushroom thing is my hail Mary for a truly independent life. It's my shot at doing a thing I love to do and making a living at it. I'll go into further detail in a future post, and will try to provide some insight for those that may be thinking of getting into the fungus business.

I am also going to Gencon again this year, and will be providing some kind of report for the lovely people over at, whom I've not forgotten. I'll be spending three days and two nights there this year and I hope to catch wind of some cool new stuff to share here on the blog and at Fanlit if they'd like. I will still be playing Warmachine, but considering it's been since last Gencon when I played....I'll essentially be starting over.

Last but not least, I've slipped back into watching professional wrestling. I know it's not often a hobby one admits to partaking in. However, I think that should change. I'm enjoying my current run at wrestling fandom more than I ever have, even as a child. My work as a writer, and reviewer of stories has added a new layer of interest to me in how the stories unfold on a weekly basis. I'm watching from a different perspective now, but  I am still getting the same level of enjoyment. I plan to add a wrestling feature to the blog, it'll be a semi-regular article that is going to be part analysis and part trying to sell the muscle bound ballet to the non-initiated.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days. I'll leave you with a picture of me, in my ninja breathing mask. I bought it for keeping out mushroom spore, and for looking like a bad ass ninja. Unfortunately it caused near ninja suffocation while still looking so bad ass. I had to buy a real respirator that isn't nearly as awesome. So in it's memory I'll immortalize it here.
Ninja Beard-Zero squints at you like a badass.