WoW Classic Coming in Summer of 2019


World of Warcraft fans rejoice! It’s finally happening. Blizzard is set to release World of Warcraft in its original unadulterated format – the WoW Classic. This is an ode to the glory days of Azeroth – the world where WoW is set. Back when grinding the game is a lot harder and longer to accomplish. When we take long and sleepless nights just to satiate our hunger to raid dungeons and kill monsters.

What’s the Deal with World of Warcart Classic?

Since its debut, World of Warcraft has seen a great many improvements and changes to its game dynamics. Updates are continuously being rolled out to keep it exciting and up-to-date with the changing landscape of online gaming – expansions are regularly released, new continents are introduced every now and then, character classes are continually being overhauled.

Sure, thousands of games have embraced the changes to the game as it ultimately made it more accessible than ever before. But many long-time fans are nostalgic of the olden times and crave for the original game dynamics they used to play back in 2006. In fact, there existed many illegal servers trying to emulate WoW the way it used to pan out.

Official Wow Classic

Fortunately, Blizzard – the developer behind this global success of an MMORPG- has taken steps to create an official version of WoW Classic finally.

WoW Classic will be a complete and accurate recreation of the game as it used to exist in 2006, before the introduction of its first-ever expansion, The Burning Crusade. The dynamics of the game will revert back to its slower form. Combats will take more time (the way it used to), and damages will go back to being more lethal. Taking quests back in the days is less dynamic and intuitive, and that will be the case for this release. Also, exploring Azeroth will take more time. WoW Classic hopes to resurrect the old-school feel of MMO games that many gamers glorify.

Blizzard intends to support the game via continuous updating which comprise of six phases. The game will be launched on August 27. A beta testing phase will be available, which gamers could sign up for, on May 15.