Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us 2”


Made by the game developer Naughty Dog, The Last of Us 2 is the game sequel to the studio’s original game which was released 6 years ago. You take control of the main character, Ellie, who has grown significantly older. The game will be published by Sony for the PlayStation 4 platform, which means it will be a PlayStation exclusive.


The game will let you play as an older but much stronger and wiser Ellie. The story will let you come in contact with the Infecteds and the “Seraphites”, a mysterious and violent cult, in a Post-Apocalypse United States. The game is much more brutal and violent than its predecessor, which means more ways and methods to disable and kill your enemies. The fighting and combat in the game focuses mainly in stealth but you could also choose the loud and more direct way of combat. Ellie can move stealthily from one place to another, craft weapons and items, loot important supplies from bodies and can kill enemies in one, well placed attack. Unlike from the original game, Ellie’s character is faster and more agile; she can switch from various weapons while on the run, she can also grab items like bottles and throw it to the enemies while sprinting. This only indicates that the game has really turned its violence lelvel up a notch. The game will be set mainly in Seattle, but it is still unclear if there will be other places to be included.

Release Date and Development

It started its development in the year 2014 by Naughty Dog. The story, on the other hand, was written by Neil Druckmann. Its release date is still yet to be confirmed but several sources said that it would be in 2019. Some rumors are circulating around that the game’s release will be from late 2019 to early 2020’s.