Becoming a Professional Fortnite Player in the Eyes of Nick Overton


Most parents think that playing video games will just destroy the future of their children. However, the fact that there are video game maniacs who became millionaires by playing online proves that online gaming is worthy of consideration.

Fortnite player Nick Overton (also known as the Marksman in the gaming realm) revealed what it takes to become a pro online gamer.

Parental Consent

Like most of the gamers, Nick barely got the support of playing games from his parents. In fact, there was a point where his dad sold his gaming consoles on Craiglist without him knowing. But Nick understands the reason behind why his parents are against it. According to the Marksman, there’s no assurance that being a pro player will make your life better.

How Much do you Earn?

In terms of the earning, there’s no fix amount that you could rake in month in and month out. Nick said that you can get a couple of dollars if you engage into amateur betting; but you can also earn millions if you go a notch higher. Last year, Nick revealed that he earned a decent $500,000 by just playing Fortnite.

How Do People perceive Your Inclination?

According to Nick, he gets random thoughts when people know that he is making a living in playing Fortnite. There are even some who raised an eyebrow since they really don’t have any idea of what he is doing. However, some are knowledgeable enough and commended him for being such an excellent ‘marksman’ online.

Where The Money Came From?

Nick informed that most of the professional betting portals capitalize much from its sponsors. Like there are people who provide the finances just to watch people playing video games. Also, people running these sites earn much from advertisements.

Nick ended the conversation emphasizing that becoming a pro is not that easy. You need to face daunting tasks like doing crazy practice to master your gameplays. But he highlighted as well that if playing video games is what really make you happy, it will bring a lot of perks to you someday.