Tips in Monetizing your Mobile Game Apps


There is a countless number of mobile games that you can download in app stores nowadays. And with every mobile game being released in these app stores also comes the revenue that mobile game developers earn. This revenue comes from showing ads and selling in-app items in their games.

The industry of mobile games is booming every day. If you’re an aspiring game developer, make sure to consider these tips when developing a game. This is for you to earn more revenue as you release your game in the digital market.

Determine first if investing in the game is worth it

There is very strong competition in the industry of mobile games nowadays. That is why developers are now thinking of different ways on how to be more creative and make them unique among others. However, if you are aiming to generate revenue through your game, you might as well assess first if investing in developing the game would be worth it. Know if there’s enough market for the game you are proposing.

Develop fast, update often

Developing games and updating them quickly also means faster growth. You can just start by creating a simple game and add some improvements over time. However, this doesn’t mean that you should develop a low-quality game and just improve it over time. You really need to create an already stable game before you sell it.

Be like a “parasite”

It’s rare for a game to be very successful on its own. A good example of which is Flappy Bird. However, it is common in the mobile gaming industry to achieve success if the game is based on something that is already popular. You can create a game based on a popular show, anime series or cartoons. You’ll then have a market for your game – the fans of the show where you based it.