Here’s What We Know About the New Xbox So Far

A lot of gamers have an idea that the tech giant Microsoft is now working on a new model of its best-seller gaming console, the Xbox. Known as the Project Scarlett, the new Xbox is slated to be available to the public during the holidays in 2020. A lot of upgrades, especially in the hardware aspect, is being expected. Here’s the latest news about the newest gaming console.

Features of the new Xbox

Based on all the leaks and details you can find all over the internet, we have to say that the new Xbox is a killer. It claims to be four times much powerful versus the existing Xbox One X, which can already run games in 4K resolution. It is powered by the AMD Zen 2 as the CPU. Its graphics are being powered by AMD Navi. Both are excellent processors from AMD, a leader in the world of gaming.

There are also speculations that the newest Xbox can run games up to 8K resolution and frame rate speeds of up to 120fps. Another speeding factor would be the next-generation SSDs that come with the console. It is expected to be up to forty times faster in loading games than the consoles currently available in the market today. 

Two versions in the making?

A report from Thurrott has surfaced saying that there might be two new Xbox models to be released. It is said that Project Scarlett covers traditional hardware and stream gaming, which is becoming popular nowadays. Both models are slated to be released in Christmas 2020. 

The first of the model will be your usual Xbox console that has the most excellent features and specifications to handle all kinds of games. The second will be a much cheaper version of the first one but works like a streaming box.

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Here’s What We Know About the New Xbox So Far

A lot of gamers have an idea that the tech giant Microsoft is now working on a new model of its best-seller...

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