Epic Games CEO Explains Their Unique Game Distribution Strategy


On a tweet on his personal Twitter account, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney explained their unique way of selling their games. Aside from distributing their own games in their own platform, Epic Games Store also started to tap other game makers to make them as their exclusive online seller. He explained that it is the only working way to defy the norms in the gaming industry. He believes that this change can be beneficial to players.

The 70/30 scheme

Sweeney explained in detail by means of a tweet thread why they chose to exclusively distribute their own games. He said that the 70/30 price cut that is being implemented nowadays by Steam would only change if there’s another online game store that would compete with them. However, independent game stores haven’t been successful in toppling Steam off the charts. Some of these independent game stores include Origin by EA and Uplay by Ubisoft.

Calling Steam’s mother company, Valve’s 30 percent share of the game sales “store tax”, Sweeney also shared that Valve even earns more than the game producers. He then added that it can ultimately destroy the industry if not put to a stop.

Defying the norms in the world of gaming

With the release of the Epic Games Store, Sweeney promised that they would only take 12% of the game’s sales. This means that game developers can be more enthusiastic in producing better titles and ultimately, reducing its price. This, in turn, can be very beneficial to players.

Epic Games Store has even started to tap developers to let them be the exclusive seller of their games. In fact, games like Metro Exodus have become an Epic Games Store exclusive, even though Steam has already accepted pre-orders. But Sweeney also said that Epic will stop making games exclusive to them only if Valve would model their revenue split like Epic’s.